Introduce yourself here

I’m starting an \Introduction” thread. I thought this would be a good ice-breaker place place where you can share a bit about youself and get to know your neighbours:

• What do you do?
• How long have you live in London Fields/Broadway Market?
• Why did you move here?
• Favourite shop/place/spot in the area?
• Interests/hobbies?”


  1. Okay, I’ll go first. Hello all!!! I’m Elsie, I’m a graphic designer/milliner. I’ve lived in London Fields for a bit over than 3.5 years. I used to live in Lower Clapton before but I love Broadway Market too much so decided to move closer.

    There are too many favourites in the area to mention:
    • Hackney City Farm (amazing breakfast!)
    • Climpson & Son
    • Fin & Flounder
    • E5 Bakehouse
    • The Dove Freehouse
    • Running along Canal through London Fields to Victoria Park
    • Columbia Flower Market
    • Cycling routes in the area
    • Green Papaya

  2. Hiya, I moved down to the Fields in October, to see if I’d like it here more than Stoke Newington. Favourite things about it:

    • Off Broadway – love this place
    • Passing Clouds
    • New Empowering Church (though not much seems to go on there at the moment)
    • the Haggerston (though I’ve gone off it a bit due to it being rammed everytime I go there lately)• Wilton Way Cafe
    • Railroad Cafe (interesting north African influences in their food and good poetry etc nights downstairs)
    • Pogo Cafe (ok maybe this should fall under Clapton, they do awesome vegan burgers)
    • LMNT (cool restaurant)• watching the fields slowly change from Autumn to Winter then Spring as I cycle through to work each day
    • Violet (sweeet cupcakes, in more ways than one)• Spurstowe Arms
    • Pub on the Park (it was done up a while ago and is a lot nicer than it was)

    Interested in hanging out locally whether just for coffee, a film night in Off Broadway or Pogo, something in the basement at Railroad, a play at the Arcola, could go on…

  3. Welcome Phil!!

    There are a few on your list I haven’t been to yet. Heard lots of good things about Railroad Cafe. Do they still do film nights at Off Broadway after the bar took over? I remember used to go to their film nights when it was the art/frame store. Off Broadway has brilliant cocktails!

    Yes, the list could go on and on, c’mon members let’s keep this list going!

  4. @staystylish yeah the (film) night’s called ‘see you next tuesday’ 😉 I think it’s the first Tuesday of the month but would have to drop in to confirm that

  5. @goodlegs Oh awesome! If i can get out of work early tomorrow night will definitely check that out! Cheers for the info!

  6. Hello! I’m not sure I entirely qualify for this group since I’m on the other side of Mare Street, but as there don’t seem to be too many South Hackneyites here..

    I moved here just under a year ago, and what’s not to like?
    * Victoria Park’s about a minute away, London Fields is about 5
    * the Deli Downstairs and Namo (mmm, tasty Vietnamese) down in the village
    * Broadway Market and the farmer’s market at the weekend

    * the Dove, of course. Last time I was there for dinner, I got a free pint (of something strong and Belgian) because they were trying to finish the keg* when I lived in Wood Green, my bike was slowly rusting away from lack of use – hills and buses put me off from starting cycling in London. Now I can zip into town in 20 minutes, or even to work in 45, or along the canal to the Olympic Park or up the Lee until I get bored, and hop on a train home…

    and plenty more that I’m still just discovering!

  7. Hello Martin, we’ll take you in 🙂

    I’m surprised we haven’t got more members in this group! Go on, pimp your friends!! 😀

    @goodlegs couldn’t make it to film night, disastrous day in the office. Did you go?

  8. @staystylish I’ve been all over my next OU maths assignment. (Off to the Great Escape next week and a bit behind). I’ll try to pop in soon to find out when the next film is on / what’s showing

  9. @goodlegs Oh good luck! Heh Designing for Great Escape was the first job i had in London! I’m not going to the festival but my friend is doing some art thing next weekend and the one after so i’ll be there for a day. might catch some fringe or contemporary dance for Brighton Festival.

  10. Hey guys! I’ve lived here for about 9 years. Before that I was in Holloway, not the most exciting place… My favorite place used to be Broadway Market, back then when I could get the paper on a saturday morning & go have a coffee there in peace… Obviously that’s not the case anymore; it’s become too busy… Still love it, but just to go for a quick walk or to grab some food & go to the park to eat it. When the sun is out there’s only one place to go! London Fields! Love it! Pubs… Dove and Pub on the Park. The Hemingway on Victoria Park Road is becoming a favorite as well! Really nice atmosphere and great food! Other than that… I run my own business with my partner, we are based here in Hackney. It’s a pop up Greek Deli shop, we have a stall at Netil Market every Saturday, so feel free to pop by & say hi! ps. I’m sure though if I managed to get a stall at Broadway Market now, it would become my favorite place again!..

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