Insurance for Dummies

I thought this might be a helpful subject seeing as its effects everyone and is a bit of a murky world. Additionally I know quite a bit about accountancy too if anyone has any money questions.
Cool so erm getting asking…..

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  1. Soo.. last year we we’re approached to do contents and liability insurance for a sex shop which we placed successfully. This started to lead to other enquires from that erm..industry sector. It culminated in a request for liability cover for an S&M club, however, they wanted to add some ‘specified’ items, one of which was a latex gimp suit (yes, one for communial use – one normally brings their own I would have thought). Anyway, we managed to get a quote BUT it excluded the gloves.. This is because there was a huge claim in the US from a surgeon who had an allergic reaction to the latex in his surgeons gloves and claimed against his hospital for negligence. Its now impossible to buy re-insurance cover for this risk and consequentially its not possible to buy ANY cover for latex gloves..

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