Inside The Inner City by Paul Harrison

Inside The Inner City by Paul Harrison Penguin ISBN 0-14-016640-8
A book about poverty and social deprivation in Hackney during 1981/82. Containing interviews and the author’s analysis, the prologue opens with a series of statistics that show Hackney as being regarded one of the top three most deprived areas in Britain (1981/82). The topics covered are unemployment, housing decay, crime, racial tension, low income etc. My favourite chapter is the one about Holly Street Estate nearby where I lived, I remember my friends moving there when it was brand new and within 5 years it had become a sink estate, 20 years later it was demolished!
A well written, graphic and thought provoking book, it was recommended to me by mz_riskz_e8 and you can get it for two or three quid + p&p online.