Indoor Community Market on Dalston Lane and 2nd Saturday of each month 12-5pmNavarino Mansions HallE8 1L8


  1. Ooh @janice that looks wonderful! I’m going to make sure I visit next month looking for a gift for my mum’s birthday 🙂 How’s it going? Did you have lots of customers?

  2. i didn’t have a stall … just visited. might go back today. 12-5. this woman’s jewellery was quite inspired and the bakery table was so yummy – made me regret weight watchers.

  3. Let us know what catches your eye if you visit today @janice. I’ve yet to have a stall anywhere but this looks like a good place to have my first… one day, Or even share one with another crafter!

  4. does anyone know who the baker is at the top. i must have the card somewhere. looks like @avohotel and i might run a marie curie tea and i think she’d be good. any other ideas for very traditional style treats for this?

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