Illegal after-hours nightclub in Homerton?

Does anyone know about an illegal after-hours nightclub operating at 8 Mackintosh Lane, E9 6AE?

On Friday – Saturday, August 22-23, this warehouse hosted an all-night event, and has done so several times over the summer. Over the Bank Holiday weekend’s disturbance, a hired bouncer was stationed outside the door, ushering in several dozen people in the late night, early morning hours. Residents of Mackintosh Lane are being disturbed and are concerned about what is going on.

Do they have a license from the council to operate a late night venue at this residential location? I do not think so.

Information is appreciated.


  1. It is possible that it was legal if it was covered under a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). A premise can apply for 12 TENs in a year.

  2. Thanks Jamieb!

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