Il Guscio pizzeria, Clapton

What used to be Parioli Italian food store and cafe on Lower Clapton Road has morphed into Il Guscio pizzeria and Italian deli Has anyone tried their pizzas? Does anyone know if it’s new owners, or just a new name?


  1. Not sure who the owners are but I’ve been in for some pasta and it was delicious! Really nice service too.

  2. I haven’t been yet, but it feels like just the kind of restaurant we need in Lower Clapton – affordable and informal. If only I could convince someone to open an Ocakbasi restaurant too.

  3. same owners, same great pasta. but now with a pizza oven. we love this place as a family eatery. it rocks. we loved it before the name change from pariolis, and it doesn’t seem to have suffered for the change.

  4. Food is simple, nice and affordable. I had pizza, very tasty. It was very busy, we met a few local people we knew. Staff is attentive and helpful.  I will go again every now and then. Glad to see places doing well.

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