Iain Sinclair at Vortex Jazz Club Tuesday 28 June 2011 at 8pm (Ghost Milk)

This from Open Dalston


Iain Sinclair & Guests
Tuesday 28 June at 8pm The Vortex Jazz Club Gillett Street N16 8JN

As part of the Vortex Wordplay series Iain Sinclair will be reading from his new book “Ghost Milk” discussing matters raised in this and other books and answering audience questions.

“Ghost milk”. What does this mean?
“CGI smears on the blue fence” Sinclair replies. “Real juice from a virtual host. Embalming fluid. A soup of photographic negatives. Soul food for the dead. The universal element in which we sink and swim”

“A wonderful kind of alchemy is at work” J G Ballard observed in Sinclair’s writing. The Sunday Times described his work as “remarkable compelling bristles with unexpected frequently lurid life”.

The evening will also feature music from the Dulce Tones – the musicians who performed at OPEN Dalston’s St Barnabas event last September.

You can buy tickets here for £5 in advance


Anyone planning on going?”


  1. Just got two tickets! Thanks for posting this, I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. Loved Rose Red Empire and London Orbital, looking forward to reading the new one.

  2. I have two tickets too! So I’ll see you there 🙂

  3. Genius, would never have known about this if not for the yeahhackney listing! 2 tickets purchased.

  4. @jreades we aim to please 🙂

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