I trust we’ve seen this? Bonneville.

I trust we’ve seen this? Bonneville.

This is the attitude that makes me truly despise the exclusive New Hackney club these twats think the own.



  1. Not great comms on Bonneville’s part. I hope that the kid is ok.

  2. The more and more I think about this, the more outrageous it becomes. Even if just a bad egg, the apology wasn’t much better, and stinks of victim blaming – basically if you’d seen how unpleasant the victim then really you understand why we made such comments. I do worry how prevalent
    this kind of attitude is, with the rapid gentrification of the area – a real sense of disconnect with the realities of the communities which surround What do others think?

  3. If I had a penny for every business twitter faux pas that ever happened, id have a lot of pennies.

    Yes it is grossly insensitive and highly immature, but that’s what happens when people mistake the ‘intimacy’ of social media with their actual role as key customer facing platforms.

    Just don’t do it again.

  4. I agree with Gavin, it was a social media fuck up, they’ve apologised, move on.

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