I made it for you on Pitfield Street

I made it for you is a new (well, 4 weeks old) cafe on Pitfield Street, just by the roundabout, so a good spot to watch the million cyclists go past as you sip your (well made) allpress latte. They’re very welcoming and friendly (in contrast to cyclelab on the same street further down)  and were super nice to me this morning. Oh and they have many many different teas.Poor quality photo to follow when I’m on a network that doesn’t block flickr etc!


  1. Thanks! We’ve been meaning to post on here ourselves but somehow didn’t get around to it yet. Some of you may remember us and our cakesfrom our Chatsworth Road Market days..

  2. yay! Glad you guys have opened up – I’ll come down and check it out soon 🙂

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