I Can Make Shoes (Competition)

Amada Luisa is a trained cordwainer (shoemaker) who makes and teaches the art of handmaking shoes through her Dalston based I CAN make shoes workshops. Amanda has developed her own technique so she can make shoes without the use of heavy machinery, her teaching show that everyone CAN make shoes.

We caught up with Amanda to ask her some more….

How long have you been making shoes?

I have been making shoes for about the past 6 years.

What are your favourite shoes to make?

At the moment my favorite shoes to make are these Velvet Grandad Slippers that we have been making in the studio, every time I get excited about a new type of shoe that becomes my favorite shoe to make… but generally speaking… heels heels heels!!!!

What designers inspire you?

Designers of course inspire me, but I am really inspired by students who do my workshops. Most of them come in and say “I am not creative, I dont have any good ideas” and walk out with absolute masterpieces that they have come up with on their own, Its amazing to watch.

What made you start the I CAN make shoes workshops?

I guess I just wanted to share the love! I had done so many different types of shoe making that I developed my own method which is all done by hand, so there is no need for any heavy machinery.

How long have you been running them?

I set up the website about a year ago, did a few trial workshops with friends and once I had ironed out all of the creases, I started booking people in.

Why Dalston/Hackney?

I set up in Dalston and share my studio space with a digital design agency ‘andwhat’, its perfect because even when I dont have workshops running there is always something going on around here. I get half of my ideas from random people walking the streets, whether they are young, cool East Londoners or old turkish grandmothers, there is always something good to look at.


We have teamed up with Amanda to launch a very exciting competition where one lucky person can win a Become a Shoe Design Icon! 1 day workshop worth £75. Perfect as a christmas present (for yourself or someone else!)

This one day shoe design workshop, teaches you the ins and outs of what to consider when designing footwear from a creative and technical point of view. If you are interested in starting your career in footwear this workshop is the perfect way to get your foot in the door.

The competition is now closed, to see the winning entry head over to this forum.

You can find Amanda on: I CAN make shoes website, ASOS marketplace, Twitter and Facebook

You can buy workshop vouchers on her site here