Hypnobirthing Course at Yoga Place, Near Victoria Park

There are just a few places left on our January Hypnobirthing course at Yoga Place. The course will run over 4 sessions totalling 12 hours. The dates and times are as follows:  Saturday 14th January: 2.30pm to 5.30pmSunday 15th January: 11am to 2pmSaturday 28th January: 2.30pm to 5.30pmSunday 29th January: 11am to 2pm To find out more about me, please visit my wesbite: www.thenaturalbirthcompany.co.uk WHAT IS HYPNOBIRTHING? “It truly was an amazing experience and I would recommend to any mum-to-be!\ Milena  Hypnobirthing is an antenatal childcare programme. It offers a simple methodology or even philosophy to empower women to have a positive birth experience; the father or partner to take the role of supporter and carer and the baby to be given the best possible start in life.You will be given lots of practical information about the different stages of labour and how to manage these in a positive way.You will learn simple relaxation techniques breathing practices visualisations massage techniques and other methods to help to keep you calm and in control during pregnancy and birth. You will learn fear release techniques to overcome any negative feelings you may have about birth and help to come to terms with a previous traumatic birth.You will be informed about your choices as a woman giving birth and feel empowered and in control of your body. BENEFITS OF HYPNOBIRTHING “It all seemed easy and natural and I felt strong and empowered throughout. I think the Hypnobirthing course made all the difference” Sara  Shorter labour: Using the Hypnobirthing techniques can help to shorten the 1st stage of labour and help the mother to feel calmer and more relaxed for the 2nd stage of labour.Less pain: The techniques teach the mother to deeply relax which eliminates the Fear – Tension – Pain syndrome (Grantly Dick-Read) allowing them to remain calm comfortable and in control. Statistics show 40% of Hypnobirthing mothers birth with no medical pain relief and a further 37% rely on gas and air.Less interventions: Hypnobirthing mothers are equipped with knowledge and techniques to help resist interventions unless they are really necessary. They feel in control of their bodies and reassured their bodies know what to do.Best start for baby: Mothers feel much more in control during the pregnancy and the birth. This feeds into the parenting as the baby starts to grow too and they tend to bond well with their babies.Quicker recovery: Generally post-partum recovery is much quicker for Hypnobirthing mothers. There are less cases of episiotomy in Hypnobirthing and research shows less cases of post-natal depressionHappier babies: Hypnobirthing babies are generally calmer happier feed well and sleep well. They’ve been brought into the world gently and they carry this experience with them.Father’s/partner’s role: The father/partner is very important in Hypnobirthing. They provide a calm safe space for the mother and baby. This creates a bond for them and the baby and makes them feel empowered at the birth. The course includes a number of relaxation recordings a copy of the Hypnobirthing book by Marie Mongon and handouts. The price is £295 per couple for the whole course. Contact Yoga Place www.yogaplace.co.uk.