Hoxton Hall needs volunteers for Music Hall day!

Greetings Hackney enthusiasts,

We’re looking for a couple of volunteers to help out with our Memories of Music Hall day on Sunday 24th July. Main tasks will be to help with a little bit of setup in the morning staffing the indoor vintage market helping members of public with queries and generally being a extra hand on the day!

We would need you from about 10am in the morning until 5/6pm in the evening. Of course we will provide you with food during the day and all the tea/coffee you can drink. Plus as a thank you for your hard work you can also stick around and watch the evening show – Underbling & Vow’s Cockney Sing-along – for free!

If anyone is interested please email marketing@hoxtonhall.co.uk and we can give you some more information.

Lots of love

Hoxton Hall”