Hoxton Gin

Has anyone tried Hoxton Gin? I saw it at Waterline today but it was a bit early for a sample… Let me know if anyone thinks it’s worth investing in a bottle! “


  1. Hold up, rewind…. 2 things I don’t know about, I’ll ask more about the Waterline later. I haven’t heard of Hoxton Gin, but their website looks suitably hipster! Not 100% if they are Hoxton based or just using the name – (It was created by Gerry Calabrese who owns the HoxtonPony) looks like it is grapefruit and coconut flavoured and  you can buy it at the Whisky Exchange

  2. I think I’ll try some of it in a bar before actually buying a bottle (which is apparently also available in Waitrose), as I’m not sure how much coconut gin I need in my life! Waterline was cool- we were actually heading to Towpath but ended up in this smart and unpretentious restaurant. The food was good and reasonably priced though the service was a bit variable. It was really busy even for early lunch- perhaps the good people of De Beauvoir are keeping this one to themselves.”

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