How to cure damp!

Afternoon all

I recently move into a Basement flat in Sandringham Road and have noticed quite a few of the walls are quite wet/damp in places. Its smelling a bit musty now the heating is off but no mould as yet so can anyone recommend any quick fixes? Boring I know but any wisdom that you have to share would be much appreciated! 😉


L x


  1. Hey,

    I have damp problems too. Make sure that you regularly air the rooms with the windows open. And leave doors between rooms open when you’re not in the house. It’s important for the air to circulate.

    You can also buy crystals which suck up moisture and deposit the water into a container underneath.

    If you’re planning on being there for a while, I’d recommend buying a dehumidifier; they really come into their own when drying clothes in damp environments.

    Hope that helps.


  2. if you’re in a basement there’s always the possibility that the room hasn’t been tanked out properly in conversion, in which case no amount of crystals is going to solve your problem if the water table is high enough. If it is actually wet, i suggest you need a professional to look at it. You dont want to be living through the winter in a place with damp that bad, it’d be bad for your health. If it is a structural issue (which it sounds like it is), then by law the landlord has to sort it, which would prob mean you moving out in any case. Sorry to be the earer of bad news, like.

  3. Yep, completely agree with the above. My suggestions don’t cure the problem, only make it more bearable.

    Might be worth checking the gutters/drains in the building too. If they’re blocked, rain water will end up start penetrating the brickwork.

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