How Hackney Women have shaped our world WALK – Saturday 28th Jan

FEMINISM, FAME AND INFAMY: FROM MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT TO OCCUPY – HOW HACKNEY WOMEN HAVE SHAPED OUR WORLD Sat 28 Jan, 2pm Stoke Newington Rail Stn N16 1.5-2hrs; ends near Dalston; £9 (£7 concs).Please book if you can!

Hear how Hackney has been home to rebels, radicals and revolutionaries for hundreds of years. From alternative universities and guerilla groups, the Salvation Army, Baader-Meinhof and Angry Brigade, see where Hackney women fought for everything from sexual equality and religious tolerance to music hall working conditions – and against everything from slavery to war. Feel inspired as we follow in the footsteps of women who made history and changed the world. The tour includes lots of general history and covers some notable male figures but the focus is firmly on females. But the empowering message transcends gender (see pic below) and everybody’s welcome!

“ I can see how the issues and history all ties together now – it’s like joining the dots.” – participant quote +44 (0) 7974 123 191