How could we improve Twee8?

We’ve been running twee8 for almost 2 years now and its always been a great place to meet the locals and sink a pint or two in the lovely pubs around the borough. However as with all things we’d like to keep building on top of what we have already and we’d like to ask if you’ve made it along to one of the previous twee8’s what ideas you may have which would improve the twee8 experience for everyone as move into our third year. Don’t hold back, tell us what you think.


  1. I’ve only been the once but I thought combining it with a jaunt to the brewery was a sterling move (though pulling a rabbit like that out of the hat every month seems unlikely!)

  2. I’ve been coming to Twee8 for a few months now, I quite like it as we get to explore pubs in Hackney. I do like the idea of  \Activity” Twee8 where we had a little field trip last month and I reckon it was the busiest Twee8 ever. However as agreed with @goodlegs above  I’m not sure if a monthly activity Twee8 will be too much? I know @Kuxi mentioned before “Themed” Twee8 perhaps special edition once in a while? To be honest I reckon we’re happy to just gather for a pint or two and talk about whatever whether it be geeky tech Hackney gossip or the neighbourhood stray cats. What do others think?”

  3. We’ve previously spoken about going to a restaurant, this kinda appealed to me as we could book a room, order from a set menu and maybe a show and tell from someone running a local project.

  4. I have to say I like the current format, it’s a nice chance to catch up, but some specials might be a good idea – maybe not monthly and we’d need some volunteers to organise them. A restaurant would be great,  but I’d steer away from making it too presenty as that’s what’s always appealed to me. How about we open it up this way, does anyone have something Hackney based they want to organise for the group? Let’s launch twee8 takeover

  5. Actually, I wouldn’t mind us going to a Hackney supper club if there’s one that suits our Twee8 meetings?

  6. apart from the obvious food preferences (some are vegan) you could create your own supper club, rotate the supper maker each month…or go pot luck.

  7. @Janice – an informal supper club between friends would be fine but a public meetup might be a bit risky.I think a food thing or a mixing with coinciding event sounds great. Lets keep a look out and see if anything pops up.Did we work out where we were doing the next one?

  8. We could do an @organicspirit cocktail making special with this discount – it is still £45 for the basic package so only if people want to spend that.”

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