Hot Smoked Beef at The Craft Beer Social Club

This weekend (Friday night and from 3pm on Saturday) we have Manzo Fumato featuring at The Craft Beer Social Club at 2 Tudor Grove London E9 7QL. Enjoy deliciously scrumptious hot smoked beef sandwiches: The MenuFranchini & Friends – Manzo Fumato rare smoke roasted beef. Mmmmmmmmmmanzo…Ultimate Rare Beef SandwichManzo Fumato warm beef liquor peppery mixed salad extra virgin olive oil and authentic Balsamic freshly ground pepper and salt. Need one of your five a day? Add on red pepper!Smoke Chargrilled Whole Red Pepper Sandwich With mixed salad and Parmesan Shavings or Feta CheeseSandwiches available with a choice of up to three speciality sourdough breads — French Pagnotta from the Levain Organic Bakery on the Old Kent RoadOR- San Francisco style Tartine from Hoxton Beach Bakery Stoke NewingtonOR- Medieval Pagnotta from Astons Organic BakerySpitalfield Rare Beef BagelYum. Come and enjoy this weekend only!”