Homerton circa 1920

Hi – I just joined this group hoping someone has the historical information I am looking for.  I am writing a biography on the life of my godmother (Violet Green) who spent several years living in Homerton with her grandmother and step-grandfather.  His name was Wiliam Edward Murrells and he ran a policital club in Homerton in the 1920’s.  The grandmothers name was Ellen.  There was also an aunt May living at the house who was William’s daughter from a first marriage.  It was two houses together, apparently across the road from Homerton station.  The back fence was removed and a concert hall was built for vaudeville entertainment.  Can anyone identify where this club was, the name of it and suppy any photographs.  Any help greatly appreciated.  My godmother also went to school in Homerton so would like to find out which school she might have attended.  Thanks, Anne in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

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