Homerton-Bow Towpath Closure: Protest Group

Hello cyclists. I’m a member of a group protesting the sudden closure of the towpath which will be from early July to sometime in Sep. It was originally advertised as an official route to the Olympics, frustratingly. We’ve had protests the last few Sundays (noon where the Eastway meets the canal) and this Sunday we had a flashride cycle along the diversion, to show how cycle unfriendly it is. Bow Interchange anyone? Please feel free to join us and/or lend your voice. Everyone is lovely and very friendly and we sometimes have a BBQ and it’s all very social. It’s also a great way to hear what people living right on the OIympic perimeter think about the Games. http://openourtowpath.wordpress.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/147913112012877/Twitter: @OpenOurTowpath