Help transform a garden rubbish tip into an event space for the future

\33 Please help in transforming the garden of 33 Chatsworth Rd into an event space for the future.This space must be ready for it’s first performance a set by the inimitable Mak Murtic Ensemble on the 23rd of October. ONE WEEK! To achieve this a large skip is being delivered on Wednesday morning but we don’t have time to apply for a skip permit and have just half an hour to fill it before it’s taken away. THAT’S HALF AN HOUR! We need as many hands on deck to ensure we make the most of this opportunity to ready the space for the first show. Participants in skip filling will get a free drink at the subsequent event on the 23rd and tea and coffee will be provided as this could be an early start. The exact time will be confirmed tomorrow (Monday). There might be a little wait for the truck to turn up but should be a maximum  two hour window of time quite possibly less. For the curious this’ll also be a good opportunity to learn more about the plans for the building and make suggestions for events over the coming months.”


  1. yes. if it’s really early i.e. before work. i will look out for your updates.

  2. Thanks Kali I should know more tomorrow morning so I’ll post the times here.

  3. Okay, time now confirmed as eight to ten on Wednesday morning. I asked them to come as close to the eight o clock  end of that window as possible so pre-work participation is possible. If you have to leave before the skip arrives, then you’ve had a free coffee, got up a bit earlier at a time when the mornings are currently unmissably beautiful and I’d be surprised if you weren’t given favourable terms over the bar just for having so very kindly made yourself available. Oh, I have a number of pairs of work gloves but if you have a pair you wouldn’t mind using then that’d be really great.

  4. I would offer a helping hand but need to be in work at 8 tomorrow sorry 🙁 will re-tweet details and hoepfully you will get some helper womblesgood luck with it!

  5. Hello! I am a student journalist and would love to cover this story today. I’d ideally like to interview anyone who can tell me a bit about why this garden has been transformed, if you know of any similar projects in the area and how the new performance space will be used. Please email me at if you are free any time before 4:30pm today for a brief chat – we only need five minutes of your time. Thank you very much

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