Help! T-shirts needed for children’s art and drama camp

Artbash Children’s Summer Camp 13- 17 August are looking for one or two kindly organisations to donate t-shirts for costume making fun. Or to point us in the right direction. Many thanks in advance.


  1. Not sure if they have t-shirts but you could try contacting in Homerton.”

  2. @artbash is it worth hooking up with @OxfamDalston ?

  3. Thanks for tips. And we get all our materials from the scrap project. It’s beyond fabulous. Sadly, no t-shirts!

  4. are adult’s t-shirts ok? I was about to give a Mens L plain black one to the charity shop and am happy to donate it to you

  5. Janice, so lovely of you but we need white ones- they’re being dyed! Have acquired them now but always in need for the future. Thanks again.

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