Help: Project in Progress – Looking for your views on Broadway Market

Dear All, My name is Xim and I am studying MA in Social Anthropology at Manchester Uni. I am currently working on a project about Broadway Market at the moment and I am hoping that you could help me out!Basically the project is about people’s idea of community and it focuses on Broadway Market being a way of re-building/ making community.  I’m hoping to get some of your perspectives on the market by thinking about the following questions…- how often do you visit the market? and what for?- what is it about the market that you like and/or dislike?- do you agree with that \the market is the most successful community street market in London”?- what would you like to see from a community street market? I want to do it in the most convenient way possible for you so you are more than welcome to comment directly in response to this post or email me Ximin Zhou <>. Thank you so much for your reading this and I hope to hear from you!”