Help get Yemen’s Cycle Team to their next race!

The cyclists have been pedalling through the dusty outskirts of Yemen’s capital Sana’a for just 30 seconds when the first rock comes hurtling at their wheels. None of the seven riders so much as flinch as the perpetrator a local shopkeeper identifies himself. He shouts and waves an arm. “You gays! Cover up!” Dressed in an eclectic assortment of sun-faded Lycra cycling attire and riding an archaic selection of bikes in varying state of repair the group keeps silent and together as they keep on pedalling. Yemen must be one of the few countries in the world where a group of young men on their morning ride can and regularly does attract such anger and ignorance from passersby. Their crime? Wearing shorts and tight jerseys When I read these words in  Joe Sheffer‘s  brilliant but shocking article on Yemen’s national cycling team I realised that for all my moaning life is not so bad as a London cyclist. There’s the odd jibe sure but I’ve never had rocks thrown at me.  You should read all of Joe’s article and then come back here once you’re done. I want to help these guys who are currently riding twenty year-old bikes get to their next race  so I’ve started an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign to do just that. They are short of $3000 to compete at the Arab Club Championships in the UAE this month — and together I believe we can raise that amount if not more. How you can help: (please complete as many of these as possible)

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