Help: Does anyone know of good cheap hotdesks around Shoreditch?

Hello beauties! So I’m sure if you work from home you can get the odd bout of cabin fever, not to mention getting distracted horribly by telly/ music/ eating/ rearranging the books/ playing with the cat. I’m hoping to find a good positive creative space to  hotdesk at a few days a month. Don’t really want to spend a tonne of money but want somewhere with a good inclusive friendly atmosphere. Let me know your thoughts and any reccommendations. Thanks, Sarah xox


  1. Try the Trampery nr Old St roundabout.

  2. Thanks sweets! Looks lovely xoxo

  3. Skillbasket on twitter said: “there’s deskspaces in our building opposite haggerston park u can call Jon on 07851934901 Ben”

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