Have a skill you’d like to share? Host your own workshop at our shop on Dalston Lane

We are looking for people that would like to run their own workshop within the confines of our cafe/furniture shop on Dalston Lane. We’ve now hosted our first crocheting workshop. Due to the success and demand we now have more crocheting workshops scheduled in the coming months. Other sorts of nights we think could be interesting and useful to others: Language classesArts & craftsBook clubsEtc. We are open to ideas so please feel free to send us a brief proposal of your intentions. Email brent@chaseandsorensen.com Thanks,Chase & Sorensen

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  1. Hello,I would be interested in running some workshops.  I have led basic sewing and knitting before in london & glasgow.Here’s a bag I made  and here’s me running a workshop; Let me know if you are interested and what info you would like and I’ll send you an email.Love the shop by the way!  I love mid-century modern furniture and styling.All the bestHannah”

  2. oops inserting photos didn’t work – will need to figure that out and try again! Hx

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