Harmony Korine VHS Double Bill at The Shackleton Arms 06/11/11 – Gummo & Trash Humpers

Hello, hope it’s ok to post this. Just wanted to say that there is a screening of Gummo and Trash Humpers at the Shackwell Arms at 6pm on Nov 6th, and both films will be shown from VHS for extra old fashioned analogue appeal! (Trash Humpers was obviously filmed on video so it seems appropriate). The screening will be in the SA’s not actually that trashy new gallery room and it should be a lot of fun. \flyer" Some more info here -http://stilladvance.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/harmony-korine-vhs-double-bill-at-the-shackewell-arms-061111/ Or search for facebook group Still Advance. “

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  1. oops, sorry for the double posting. my browser was playing up.

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