Handy tool for bus users

Not sure where this fits best but I thought Hackney bus users might be interested in this…TfL have finally launched an online version of the bus countdown service you see on some bus stops. No mobile app yet as far as I know but they can’t be far behind as TfL have been freeing up their data very nicely lately. http://countdown.tfl.gov.ukhttp://m.countdown.tfl.gov.uk *Edited to Fix Links*


  1. Ah there’s a mobile site: http://m.countdown.gov.uk

  2. Great stuff, hopefully no more getting to the gate and seeing the 48 pull away either 🙂

  3. not working for me 🙁 EDIT: the link in the OP is broken. Looks useful, but it has a pretty clunky interface. No more waiting 30 mins for the 393 anyway!! (touch wood)

  4. The website’s been up and down apparently: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/sep/06/bus-times-app-countdown

  5. D’oh! Double fail. Sorry peeps.

  6. Also just noticed that the wonderful http://busmapper.co.uk is now available as an iphone and Android app.

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