Halloween walk through Abney Park Cemetery

Hello People, Halloween is almost upon us and this year it falls on a Sunday. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a spooky halloween Walk through Abney Park cemetery at sundown? Its such a beuatful and ethereal place it would be perfect for the occasion? We could start off with an afternoon roast and a few ales in the Jolly Butchers to stoke up the fires and then walk it off in the cemetery….towards another pub…..or back to the Butcher’s?? Costume optional, Jack O Lanterns, favourable, demonic laugh completely compulsory. L


  1. Annoyingly it’s my sister’s birthday on Halloween, even more annoyingly it’s every year! So I think I will be doing the family thing on that day

  2. Wow what a great idea. @ewebber you should ask your sister to come along 🙂

  3. @alexpink – don’t think you’re getting out of my family lunch

  4. Ah, that sounds really cool. I’ll be in Ireland, though.

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