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Hey there, I’m looking to get my hair cut a bit, and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of stylists in Hackney. I know there are a few salons along Broadway Market, but was curious if anyone has either been to any of them or if anyone knows of any other place.Would prefer a recommendation that doesn’t cost £50 for a haircut. 🙂


  1. there’s a haircut review site and it was a bit mixed on bladerunner on broadway market. their prices are a bit high. I haven’t yet found a good place around here. the best so far has been Wedge – which is not in Hackney. . i am considering seeing nomi at fresh on upper street since she assures me she can cut curly hair. why do i remain unconvinced?

  2. Yeah, I may just go to this place I went to on Museum Street in Bloomsbury if I don’t find a good lead. I went there last time and was pretty satisfied. It’s called Echo.I just found this article from Time Out magazine from June of 2009, so it’s sorta recent: sole Hackney recommendation is a barbershop, Murdock, located in Shoreditch and two other locations in London (

  3. I normally go to Tommy Guns in Shoreditch, who usually do a pretty good job

  4. i don’t know, guys…. ‘pretty good’ and ‘pretty satisfied’….. i want to hear a bit more enthusiasm. i reckon i should get 20 people wiling to pay $50 each and bring over my FABULOUS AMAZING FANTASTIC person from toronto. sigh. miss her soooo much.

  5. The last haircut I had the hairdresser said those dreaded words \do you want me to straighten it?” No why after telling you to cut it so the curls/waves look bouncier would I want that?”

  6. oh no, e. that sucks. my toronto cutter is a magician with curls. she has secret methods that i wish i could learn. nomi at fresh assured me she can do it but i am soooo skeptical having experienced much the same as you did. the last person who dried my hair (against my wishes and THANK GOD i said to to a cut) made me look like diana ross! if you are EVER in toronto, i will make the introductions. miss you, nikol!

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