Hai Ha – new vietnamese on Mare Street

I may have mispelled the name. It’s a new vietnamese restaurant on Mare Street (like a minute south of the new Picturehouse). We went there at the weekend and it was *so* good, and reasonably priced – £18.50 for summer rolls, crispy noodles+veg, rice+tofu/cashews/chilli stirfry.It’s BYOB, but £2 corkage.


  1. this place has been there for ages! its just had a new coat of paint afaik

  2. It has been there for years, I always think of it as the place that has no veggie food on the menu, but judging by @goodlegs comment, I’m assuming that has changed

  3. We went a few weeks ago and I think it’s a new menu and the food is much better than my previous visit (albeit about 8 years ago). I had a bowl of tofu and vegetable Pho and it was as good as any in the area. Most of the people with me were pretty happy with their food. The decor is a wee bit garish and when we were there it was licenced but not unreasonable. You might have been able to BYO too but I didn’t notice.

  4. @justsayin it used to be a Chinese before, and the food wasn’t great – it’s definitely improved!@catfunt yeah it wasn’t licensed when we first checked it out but they offer drinks now (you can still bring your own with a corkage charge i think)”

  5. @ewebber yeah there’s a reasonable selection of veggie options there now

  6. @goodlegs great stuff, I’ll have to revisit 🙂

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