Haggerston Park

I found out today that on July the 29th 1992, Michael Jackson landed at Haggerston Park in a helicopter with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse where he visited the children at the nearby then children’s hospital Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children.



  1. Michael Jackson
    There is a video! http://www.newsplayer.com/singer-michael-jackson-visits-uk-video

    Featuring gems such as:
    “He didn’t stay long enough to make them smile”

    “His small controversial nose””

  2. Fond memories of Haggy Park where our school took us to play football and rounders. My friend’s Mum worked in a little sweet kiosk there.
    I read that it was created in the 50’s from a bomb site, I thought that it had been there longer than that. I haven’t been there since the 70’s so a visit is due!

  3. I should say you are! Haggerston Park features in an upcoming photography project I’m working on. I think you’ll like it..

  4. @alexpink sounds good, let me know when / where I can see the photos. I am hoping to get to ‘The Highlights of Haggerston’ walk on Sunday so might go to Haggy Park whilst there, it might even be included in the walk.

  5. @traxcitement I will do. The tour sounds fun, enjoy .

    PS I received the book thanks. Some of the pictures are fascinating!

  6. There is a great film on the history of Haggerston Park on Youtube

    It also tells of some future plans for the park.
    Haggerston Park History a short film/a>”

  7. I met the gardener who made the short film about Haggerston park earlier today (as posted by @traxcitement). He has a collection of photos at City farm which he will gladly shows anyone who takes an interest.
    Apparently the park keepers office used to be a tea kiosk and had an amazing spire on the top, complete with a dove house. I suggested that he join Yeah! Hackney and post some of his photos. He is very passionate about the park so lets hope he does.

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