Hackney’s Takeaways

What’s your favourite curry, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Caribbean or pizza takeaway/deliveries in the borough?


  1. Curry delivery has to be Abi Ruchi – http://www.abiruchi.com (also on Hungry House)

  2. Not Base Pizza (shakes fist)

  3. Boo to Base pizza – but Vesuvio on Lea Bridge Road are good(ish)

  4. I like the Indian place on Lower Clapton Road near the Hackney Baths & Glenarm Road bus stations. I forgot its name, but I’ve eaten vegetarian food there twice. Their saag paneer is pretty good.

  5. vesuvio is good for pizzas, and i use massala in stokey for currys (http://www.masalan16.co.uk/ and on hungry house too)will have to try abi ruchi, now does anyone know of a decent chinese? golden states is a bit rubbishoh, and i love the mermaid fish bar near lea bridge roundabout for fish and chips

  6. Mermaid is great!

  7. Vesuvio is great, friendly service, the pizzas are tasty, and you get a free beer or bottle of vinegar (wine). They have also painted the outside in a visually pleasing way. I also like Mermaid. If only these foods were good for you!

  8. @dang1es I use Haikksun a bit, but they takes ages to turn up – then again they all do.They are on Hungry House too http://hungryhouse.co.uk/haikksun

  9. hungry now, guessing i’m not cooking tonight after this…

  10. I have just been pointed to Vesuvio’s website http://www.pizza-vesuvio.co.uk – 90s-tastic!

  11. I have just been pointed in the direction of Vesuvio’s pizza shop – to pick up the pizza that @ewebber just ordered #pizzamonkey

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