Hackney1000 Annual event 18th Aug 2012

The Hackney1000 is an annual celebration of our community and a fundraising event, helping build a better future for some of Hackney’s kids in need. THE EVENTIt’s simple. This August 18th 2012, we’ll mark out a 1km route around Well Street Common. You join our team on  Just Giving and pledge to travel a few miles round it however you want. Run skip or dance. We’ll have plenty of great food and fun on the day to egg you on. Together we’ll showcase everything that makes our borough unlike anywhere else in the UK meeting new people and making our community stronger. Together we’ll help build a better Hackney and ensure that Hackney Quest continues to help hundreds of children stay in education and off the streets. We’ll make our community stronger and our children’s futures brighter. THE CHARITY:Hackney Quest play a key role in our community helping young people and their families by providing positive long-term support systems. Founded in 1988 Hackney Quest has provided stimulating educational and diversional activities to thousands of young people diverting them away from anti-social behaviour promoting their personal development and breaking down barriers. The charity also works with families helping to strengthen homes and build a better community. More info on how to pledge or take part over here:  http://hackney1000.com

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  1. Starting at 11am and running until late afternoon, the event will see a great mix of local groups and people travel round the route or provide free sessions for anyone interested in taking part. Swing Patrol will be giving a free dance class at 1.30pm before dancing their way round the route, Yoga Place will be running free yoga classes throughout the day, Sarah John’s Music Party will be playing and performing round Well Street Common, sportsmen and women from several local clubs will be racing on rowing and cycling machine as well as running as fast as they can in a 1km challenge. And that’s just some of the groups taking part. The event is completely free and open to all. If you’d like to take part get in touch or just get down to Well Street Common on the day; August 18th. ThanksM http://www.hackney1000.comwww.facebook.com/hackney1000

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