Hackney wildlife

Pretty certain that a few days ago, I was woken up at about 3.00am by the cry of a Tawny Owl flying past our window! How exciting.  Last night, we walked around North Millfields Recreation Ground and heard the cry again and I’m almost certain I heard the call again on several occasions this evening from my back garden (Mildenhall Road).  Anyone actually seen a Tawny Owl in Hackney?  Andrew


  1. how nice, keep us updated?! perhaps a group ‘Hackney Wildlife’ may be in order? I used to observe a kestrel (i believe) hunt on the disused pit on Mabley Green last year, and have also seen a couple near the Red Path before… very exciting. k

  2. What/where’s the Red Path?  Am rather obsessed with birdlife here, too many bird feeders to count in my garden, regular visits from goldfinches one of my highlights, plus the occasional exciting visit from a jay!  Perhaps I should start up a Hackney Wildlife Group?

  3. Here was the spotting of the Kestral in Leabank square http://www.birdtrader.co.uk/news/kestrel_in_hackney/87 I’m sure I spotted it in Clapton Square too – pretty cool.Happy to start a wildlife group I’ll post the link when it’s available :)”

  4. @alaw @kali there is now a group over here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/groups/hackney-wildlife/forumLet me know if one of you want to be the admin then you can update the description.”

  5. That’s great that there’s a group now – excellent.  Description fine.  Perhaps we should start a hot topic about Hackney foxes – love ’em or hate ’em?  Personally (obviously!), I love ’em, although not convinced that it’s right to go so far as to feed them!  After all, they are (supposed to be) wild animals.  I do think it’s anamazing privelege to have them wandering Hackney’s streets and to have them playing in our gardens – even if they did dig a ruddy great hole in our flower bed so that they could move easily between gardens!

  6. Ok, I’m going to close down this thread, please start / continue any more discussion about Hackney Wildlife over on the new group

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