Hackney Wick Street Art Clean Up

According to Hooked Blog  a clean up of Hackney Wick’s street art has begun in readiness for the Olympic Games.”


  1. Two days after that 10th Feb update at the bottom of the post there were people on site making use of the fresh canvas the council made 🙂Image and video hosting by TinyPicThat was a work in progress (you can see a cherry picker at the foot of the wall) haven’t seen it since.”

  2. Ah yes that’ll be it. Great. An advert for that elixir of healthy living, Coke :-/

  3. I would assume that the street art along the Hackney Cut is most at risk of removal, whether they can keep it off is another matter.

  4. Just got an email from my friend who lives in Hackney Wick re that Coke ad: it looked like it was going to be something fresh and creative, until the olympic themes came through in the piece and then lastly but by no means leastly, the coke logo got placed at the top of the piece. it lasted a couple of days before the wick locals decided to ‘personalise’ it. it has since been further personalised and the bottom 3rd has had to be white washed again. 

  5. I’ve just seen this on twitter:http://p.twimg.com/AmV-LyfCQAII6aQ.png All signs of Coke seem to have gone! That’s via https://twitter.com/#!/RooftopJaxx/status/172693458744643584

  6. More of this from Monorex and High Rise Murals who are claiming responsibility.http://lockerz.com/s/186436447

  7. That is brilliant.

  8. Oh hang on, those were the people who did it originally? Hmmmm…

  9. @jamieb yes, looks like this is the case, here is a (non-official) version of phase 1 http://vimeo.com/36996042 A quick look through Monorex’s twitter stream says it has nothing to do with Coke and seems it was planned but was brought forward as it was painted on by others fairly quickly http://www.thestoolpigeon.co.uk/blog/photo-coke-mural.html An example of some of the twitter conversations:====@monorex:  @h___y_____ @TheStoolPigeon – This is old news as wall has changed again – #HW lockerz.com/s/186436447@TheStoolPigeon@h___y_____ Oh wow that was quick. Did locals do that or Coke?@monorex: @TheStoolPigeon @h___y_____ we did it along with @HighRiseMurals@TheStoolPigeon@monorex @h___y_____ On behalf of Coke?@monorex @TheStoolPigeon @h___y_____ no this is an independently supported project via @HighRiseMurals

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