Hackney Wick Stadium (& The Hackney Hawks)

Hackney Wick Stadium was used for Speedway and dog racing (I believe). There were a number of local speedway teams one of them being the Hackney Hawks.


  1. I must have one of those outfits for when I ride my scooter

  2. Not the greatest of websites but it does offer more info on the \Hawks”http://www.hackneyhawks.co.uk/”

  3. The stadium was in Waterden Road and was demolished some time ago. It has now been completely erased following the Olympic site building works. I spent many a Friday night watching speedway there and the team in the photo above is my favourite Hackney team (1978). I think the stadium is worthy of a brown plaque at it’s former location as the stadium will hold many memories for the people who went there for speedway and greyhound racing.Pics of the derelict stadium here… http://www.speedwayplus.co.uk/LondonStadium2.shtml and being built here… http://www.speedwayplus.co.uk/WatRoad.shtml The speedway track was inside the greyhound track.

  4. @traxcitement I totally agree that there should be a plaque in place. I only wish the stadium was still there, and such teams as the Hackney Hawks still raced.

  5. Alexpink check out this news, they aren’t racing at the Wick unfortunately but THE HACKNEY HAWKS ARE BACK!LAKESIDE HAMMERS PRESS RELEASEWednesday 26th January 2011HACKNEY HAWKS BACK ON TRACKThe Hackney Hawks Speedway team will return to the track in 2011 in the National League after being accepted into the Sport’s third tier at this week’s AGM.The team will be a joint project funded by and racing at both Rye House and Lakeside Speedways and will allow both teams the opportunity to develop young British talent in tandem. The team title of Hackney has been chosen as both tracks enjoy considerable support from ex Hawks fans and it brings into focus the lack of a London team in British Speedway at the present time, a situation which both clubs would like to see changed.Lakeside Co Promoter Jon Cook commented on this news stating: \This is a new exciting venture for us and will give our fans a chance to see the development of our young riders at our Arena-Essex Raceway. We expect to stage at least a meeting a month during the season and we feel the need to develop young British talent is a duty all clubs should undertake in future seasons. “We hope this joint partnership with Rye House will point the way ahead. I am sure London fans will be drawn to see the iconic Hawks race jacket in action and help us to continue pressure for Speedway to play some part in the Olympic legacy which of course is on the site of the old Waterden Road Stadium the former home of Hackney Speedway.”Rye House owner Len Silver commented: “I am very excited to be linking with our friends at Lakeside and I am sure this move will be a great success and a big factor in producing future stars for both of our teams. “Because of my own long connection with Hackney it’s nostalgic for me to be going back in that direction and I am sure the fans are in for a real treat once this exciting band of Hawks takes to the track in April”.”

  6. Wow, that’s amazing news. Good find! I would actually consider going to watch this.

  7. Before speedway racing started at Hackney Wick Stadium (Waterden Road) a team raced at Clapton / Lea Bridge in the 1930s?http://guskuhn.net/GKuhn/Lea%20Bridge/Lea%20Bridge.htm

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