Hackney Wick Food Assembly

Hackney Wick Food Assembly

Dear you,

Today is your last chance to order food for this Tuesday’s Hackney Wick Food Assembly. The shop is only open until 2am tonight so have a browse here of what’s on offer and take your pick –


You can get as much of your staple goods as you like from bread and cheese to fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, fresh pasta, to interesting luxuries such as fruit snacks, jams and ginger beer!

But as well as providing a platform which enables direct and fair trade between local farmers and communities, The Food Assembly is also transforming the experience of shopping into something more sociable, community-orientated and interesting!

So anyone who comes to pick up their food from Hackney Wick on Tuesdays, won’t only get to meet the people who made it, but they’ll also get to see a free exhibition of art made by local artists.

This week The White Building artist-in-residence Gretchen Andrus is exhibiting her work at Number 90 especially for the evening:


But that’s not all!

I heard through the deliciously, locally-sourced grapevine that (for a certain reason which I can’t reveal on here just yet,) all the producers will be down and giving out lots of samples just like at the launch party! Expect lots of new things to try due to seasons changing – it will be a wonderful and tasteful delight.

So make sure to get your order in and see you in a few days!



  1. Sorry I missed this opportunity. Is there another one coming up? Would love to try it out. Sounds like fun.

  2. Hey Lisa,

    It happens every week – so yes, you can place your order, for example today and come and collect at the next collection this coming Tuesday.

    Or you’re welcome to just come and see how it looks, try and free samples and meet the producers 🙂

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