Hackney Tool Share/Rent

Not sure if this is the right place for it but, i think any self respecting forum should have a tool sharing thread. I’m tired and poor from buying things i use once or twice then never again.I’ll start with what i have to offer:Lot’s of specialist bike toolsA long, foldable ladderA vanA sawA drillA soldering iron…and the others.


  1. And by the way i need a hand circular saw, anyone?

  2. Great, thread!Unfortunately my tools are very limited and generally a bit crap

  3. If anyone wants to borrow some saws, hammers/club-hammers, bolt-cutters, bolsters, or some battered chisels, they’re more than welcome. An electric sander if you promise to be gentle with it. But hands off my drill, seriously. You are a brave man, Euan.

    • Hey man, any way I could borrow those bolt cutters? I just bought a second hand bike today for twenty quid, locked it in my work and then the lock broke, and the key stuck inside. I work at Gogen in Colourworks beside the MacDonalds in Dalston. Bought the bike to save money on the tube so don’t want to have to shell out for bolt cutters as well! It would be really appreciated.

  4. I currently have a hammer, a screw driver, a racket set and an adjustable spanner. Pretty pathetic really, but I plan on redeeming my tool time credibility over the coming months as I am doing up my house. I might need to borrow some bits in the mean time.

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