Hackney Supper Clubs

They are springing up everywhere! So where have you been and where do you want to go or do you just know a secret that you want to share with the rest of us.


  1. @alexpink and I are off to Shackelwell Nights next Saturday (25th) and we have a spare ticket, it’s £40 for the evening, the food is great and booze is BYO, let me know if you’d like to join us (http://www.fuckyeahhackney.com/beta/2010/09/shackelwell-nights-hidden-dining-in-dalston)

  2. I just came across a review of Secret Ingredient here http://yourownmadeleine.tumblr.com/post/1156420700/hackneys-secret-ingredientI've been, it’s great (and veggie)

  3. Email I just got from The Loft…Hello members,As well as our new chefs in residence, we would like to announce that our new online booking system is up and running. This will make the entire process much simpler and allow you to pay with your credit card using paypal, an option we weren’t previously able to offer. Unfortunately, even if you are a returning member, the first time you use the system it will ask for your details again. The good news is, you can ask the system to remember you, making future visits very simple.To view the menus of the chefs below or to make a reservation please follow the link below.http://www.theloftproject.co.uk/reservations/

  4. I’m off to Tudor Rd next thurs with @alexpink – Ben Greeno (of Loft) are in Hackney (despite claiming Bethnal Green) http://eatlikeagirl.com/2010/08/22/supper-club-ben-greenos-at-tudor-rd/

  5. Myself and @ewebber went to Tudor road supper club last night, hosted by Ben Greeno (@bgreeno). I have to say that it was some of the tastiest food I’ve eaten in a while. The combination of flavors was mouth shattering. I even ate snails, which when I think about it now makes me feel sick – but at the time they were delicious.I believe that its booked up until December but if you get the chance you must go.Whilst there Ben gave us a sample of an unusual type of granny smith apple that had been sourced/foraged from Victoria park. It was delicious, so I am going foraging later!

  6. Shacklewell have just launched their November menu http://shacklewellnights.com/2010/11/01/menu-for-november-hidden-dining/

  7. There is a \pop-up” restaurant at Towner and Hoxton over the next few weeks http://www.thepuppetmasters.co.uk and I’ll be heading down with @alexpink on 26th – I think there are still spaces”

  8. more on Poachers Pocket the Ad-Hoc restaurant at Towner & Hoxton http://www.yeahhackney.com/2010/11/poachers-pocket-towner-and-hoxton/

  9. New supper club/pop up thing in Dalston doing 70s and 80s food http://twitter.com/BambiDalston

  10. I did go to the @veganpeasant supper club in Clapton before christmas, the food was fantastic

  11. I went to the veganpeasant too, and loved it! Will definitely be going again. I’d love to hear about other supper clubs that are specifically vegan.

  12. @kris it might be worth trying secret ingredient (Facebook page). They are veggie but when I went they didn’t use many ingredients that weren’t vegan and will cater for vegans.”

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