Hackney Speedway Fixtures for October

Friday Oct 7th Hackney -v- Scunthorpe/Sheffield (NL) @ Lakeside 8pm W52-39(M. Owen 13) Speedway: Hawks to get proper send off in final meetingsee press release here… http://www.lakesidehammers.co.uk/content/?p=1267


  1. @traxcitement Looks good, I couldn’t possibly miss this. I’ll put it in the diary.

  2. I remember when speedway was on telly, pre Sky, when there were only the 3 channels – it was very popular then.

  3. @marty21 it was on ITV’s World Of Sport regularly in the 70’s presented by Dickie Davies and commentary by Dave Lanning; England had World Champions back then in Peter Collins and Michael Lee. It was also heavily featured in the back pages of the daily newspapers. I don’t have Sky Sports but I am told they do a good job of presenting it on there the Sky sponsorship is currently invaluble to the sport.”

  4. Speedway: Hackney Hawks finished off their season with a 52-39 winover Scunthorpe at Lakeside on Friday, full report here…http://www.hackneyspeedway.com

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