Hackney signs a friendship agreement with Austin, Texas

Hackney signs a friendship agreement with Austin, Texas

On Thursday, Austin City Council signed the paperwork to welcome Hackney as the newest member of it’s family.

They have established a Friendship City agreement to foster exchange in the areas of high-tech and digital media, the creative industries, economic development, and sustainability.

Partnership Outcomes via The city of Austin’s website:

• Hackney Council created Hackney House Austin during SXSW 2013 to showcase Hackney businesses and the Austin-Hackney relationship.
• Hackney’s Olympics web presence was studied as a best practice in the development of ATXGrandPrix.org.
• A visit by the Shoreditch Town Centre Coordinator during SXSW 2012
• Austin’s mayor Lee Leffingwell’s sustainable development panel during SXSW Eco 2012 focused on government efforts to incentivise targeted industry investments into Austin and Hackney.

Hackney House will be returning to Austin this year from 7-10 March 2014, to showcase the talents of East London’s creative, tech and design community.

Photo by Jim Nix


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