Hackney Shares: Time bank for businesses

Calling all Hackney businesses! Whether you’re a start-up, sole trader, charity or business, Hackney Shares can help connect to others, build your capacity and save money. How it works Hackney Shares is a time bank for organisations. It’s a market place where the currency is time rather than money. Organisations of all kinds use it to unlock resources they can’t readily turn into financial gain and trade them for time credits. These credits can be used to pay for resources that other members in the network are offering. Read more about how it works here:  http://hackneyshares.org/how-it-works/ What’s on offer? – Meeting and event space- Graphic design- Admin help- Web design- Professional photography and film- Volunteers with a wide range of skills And lots more. Have a look at full listings on our website:  http://hackneyshares.org/ Contact us We’d love to discuss how Hackney Shares could work for you. Get in touch by sending me an email giving me a call on 0207 033 8521 or signing up directly on our site:  http://hackneyshares.org/join-us/

  • Save Money
  • Build Capacity
  • Achieve Your Goals


  1. I can assure you this works, I’ve been offering Spanish lessons through the Hackney shares, and with the time accumulated, I’ve received help from an SEO for my Web site and now I’ll be contact a web developer and a graphic designer, something that I was really needing for my very newly business. Appart from that I have another proyect, I am organizing a Spanish Group Lesson through Hackney Shares at the Shoredithc Trust. I am so happy to receive this opportunity and I look forward for it to work out! Thanks Hackney Shares!KarlaKarla Juced

  2. What a fabulous idea! I shall sign up to this immediately.

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