Hackney sex establishments licensing documentary

I’m sure everyone has heard the goings on with the consultation about ‘nil’ policy on sex establishments in Hackney (more here and the controversial decision here)Here is an interesting documentary that came out during the campaign that I thought was worth sharing.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tfCXwehq2o”


  1. Have I got this right – the consultation voted against the Nil policy so Hackney have decided to have a nil policy anyway but allow the current premises to remain? What was the point of the consultation in the first place if they can just go against it if it suits them? And how can you have a nil policy when you are allowing existing businesses to remain.

  2. @marty21 that pretty much sums it up from what I understand

  3. The policy due to be agreed can be found here. The basic idea is that Hackney council will adopt a ‘nil policy‘, but allow the existing four premises and one shop to keep trading. This hasn’t yet been fully agreed however, and must get majority agreement at the Full Council meeting on the 26th January. You can lobby your ward councillors ahead of the meeting (contact details are here). The survey completed was one of the most popular in recent years, details of which are hereI think the background to the move towards this policy came from the Satchmo’s licence controversy

  4. As you may have seen, the amended nil policy was passed last night, with only two councillors voting against it. There are some interesting arguments against prohibiting these sorts of venues herehttp://www.hackneycitizen.co.uk/2011/01/27/hackney-council-approves-nil-policy-and-bans-strip-clubs-and-sex-shops/

  5. Pointless to have had the consultation , they were never going to listen to the voters. Sex Shops aren’t a vote winner, so I guess they felt they could ignore them.Can’t imagine them having a nil policy on gambling.

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