Hackney Scooter club outing

As suggested by @jimbo this is a thread about a Hackney Scooter club outing with some coffee on the way. Say \YES!” if you are up for it. Some good places to visit: Hackney Pearl (Hackney Wick) – lots of space for parkingMouse and De Lotz (Dalston / Shackelwell)Pacific Social Club (Clapton) “


  1. Thanks for putting this on as a separate thread. Great stopping off suggestions – I will look out for suitable spots to stop in the Stoke Newington and Newington Green part of the borough. I reckon a Sunday would be best as there will be marginally less traffic and cafe vibes are laid back.

  2. I have to wait a little longer for my bike 🙁 so I can only really plan once I have it back

  3. Yes would love to join you though my gear selector just went so if not this time definitely next time.Anyone thinking of checking out Vespa World day this year (14-17 June 2012) as it’s local (London Fields)?

  4. My bike is back in the shop and not going anywhere for a while – sadness :(Hopefully I’ll have it back by June! @onscreen I’ve started a new thread about World Vespa Day over here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/groups/hackney-scooter-club/forum/topic/vespa-world-days-2012-london-fields/

  5. ewebberSorry to hear your bike is outta action too. Hope it’s nothing too serious!Take careSandraPS thanks for adding the new thread for WVD

  6. @onscrean it’s feels like forever, I’ve had 3 different stator plates put in it now by 2 different mechanics. I think it might be coming up to a year out of action 😥

  7. Ewebber I feel for you I really do. I had to have my engine rebuilt last summer and was without my bike for most of the summer 🙁 . I have a great mechanic now but he is miles away in Harrow his name is Paul Jonson and he is part of the Immediates SC (a great group of guys) his number is 07527613567 if you want to give him a ring. Cheap and cheerful and always very happy to help 🙂

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