Hackney ride out

Hello, looks like being a glorious weekend. Anyone got time for a 2 -3 hour ride on Saturday morning.? We could do a run across the main bridges and end up back at the scooterworks cafe or somewhere in Hackney. I would not suggest we start before 10.00


  1. Yes! I haven’t had the J125 out for a while and itching to take it out. I’m sure @stephenwalker78 will join.

    @markc @timboyates are you up for joining

    Where shall we meet? How about the Hackney Pearl in Hackney Wick? Lots of space to stick the bikes out the front while topping up on coffee.

  2. Baby entertaining duties mean I can’t… What is the etiquette of sticking one on the back rack?
    Have fun!

  3. 10 am at the Hackney Pearl then? Awesome!

  4. See you there.

  5. Whoop!

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  9. Was a great ride this morning, perfect scootering weather, thanks for suggesting it Jamie 🙂

  10. And I’ve reported that massive pothole! http://www.fixmystreet.com/report/451603

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