Hackney Rabbit & Beyond Campaign

Hello, as you will have heard the Hackney Rabbit was recently saved from the threat of eviction/obliteration from the side of Premises Studios. The extent of public support and activism around saving the rabbit was overwhelming and strongly suggested that the Council’s towards street-art needs to change to refelect local attitudes and opinions.However, more widely we think a new policy should also cover all of the informal \things” in our public spaces and neighbourhoods that often go unrecognised and unvalued by formal definitions/listings but contribute massively to local identity uniqueness and cultural landscapes. These are things like old signs and clocks original shop fronts and architectural features patches of grass or “spaces in between” local characters and fonts mosaics and stonework etc etc. By recording identifying and valuing these things we can help to keep them as key features in our neighbourhood that contribute to what we mean when we say “I love Hackney” in the face of rapid change and regeneration – they are pieces of Hackney and we should value them!Mend is working with Premises Studios and taking up this campaign; using the positive local support and momentum developed from saving the Hackney Rabbit to develop a more relevant and responsive policy for our public realm. We will convene a public meeting (with reps invited from the council) to identity the things we value define why they are important and develop key aspects of a new policy to take back to the Council.We need your help! Firstly we need a campaign slogan so please send through some suggestions and don’t hold back – be catchy and cheeky! Post them on here or if you would rather you can email me at: liane.hartley@mendlondon.org.ukWe will be in touch again about the campaign and details of the meeting all are welcome!ThanksLiane”