Hackney Pub Quizzes

I’ve started a blog on London pub quizzes. Does anyone have any suggestions for ones in Hackney I can try? The whole blog is likely to be fairly Hackney heavy given I’m a local – my first two entries have been Rose & Crown (Stoke Newington) and The Cock Tavern (Mare Street). I’ve also heard good things about The Shakespeare but apparently the quizmaster’s on holiday at the mo!”


  1. The Kenton Arms has one, I think on Tuesdays

  2. There’s a great one in the Railway Tavern Ale House on St Jude Street (N16) on Tuesday nights and I haven’t been for a while but I think there’s still one at the Pembury Tavern on Mondays

  3. Yeah The Kenton’s is every Tuesday and is usually really busy- I’ve not been since the new quiz master (Amy Bee-Sting) took over, but we’ve always had a good time

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make my way to all of these eventually. Hesitantly venturing out of Hackney tonight for one in the ‘Stow. Amy Bee-Sting is an interesting name.

  5. The 3 compasses is another

  6. I saw this thread on urban75 Jim!

  7. You should check out our awesome ‘You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat’ film quiz! It’s all multi-mediary but obviously lacking in the general knowledge arena. Check out: http://www.film-quiz.com/ for more info!It’s monthly and you can get tickets at http://www.hackneyattic.com

  8. Brownswood Tavern also has a quiz, I think it’s fortnightly.

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