Hackney Peace Mural in Dalston

Hackney Peace Mural Photo by Tony Hall One of the artist behind the Hackney Peace Carnival Mural Mick Jones has died aged 68  http://hackneycitizen.co.uk/2012/09/10/dalston-peace-mural-painter-dies

The Dalston Lane Mural was funded by GLC and Hackney Council and unveiled in 1985. It was created by Ray Walker with the help of Mike Jones and Ann Walker. It’s a composition is based on the 1983 Hackney Peace Carnival and pictures the procession having just gone past Navarino Mansions on Dalston Lane. The mural includes: Trade union banners a giant puppet figure representing the USSR and USA’s nuclear squabble and a brass band playing at the front of the as people watch them go by. More on the mural over here:  http://easteight.com/?p=194 and  http://londonmuralpreservationsociety.com/murals/Hackney-Peace-Carnival-Mural/


  1. There was a meeting last night to discuss the future of the mural

    Loving Dalston reports that the mural will be restored by Paul Butler who worked with Ray Walker on the design of the mural.

    Hackney council are funding the restoration, which is estimated to take 14 months.

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