Hackney Pavilion Cinema

“The Hackney Pavilion was on Mare Street on the other side of the road and almost directly across from the Hackney Empire. It was opened in May 1914 and had 1500 seats. In April 1928 it was taken over by PCT and by the time it closed on 22nd January1972 it had a seating capacity had been reduced to 1117. At the time of closure the cinema was part of the Gaumont Circuit. It was later demolished and the site was used for a branch of Barclay’s Bank.”From ">http://www.turnipnet.com/eastendmemories/cinema/cinemas.htmalso: From dusashenkait’s now (in my opinion) one of the ugliest buildings in Hackney See more Hackney cinemas here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/hackney-history-cinemas/”