Hackney Marshes photos from Michal Jaworski:

Hackney Marshes Hackney photos from Michal Jaworski: this work was created in Hackney Marshes – a large area of half-wild wetland on the banks of River Lea in North East London. the landscape of the marshes is a mix of natural elements and various human interventions. some of them are threatening like industrial sites or railway lines cutting through; other attempt to preserve the nature or make it available to the public by landscaping access paths or information displays.i examine those conflicting aspects of the landscape. i look at the people there; how they interact with that landscape; how they respond to it and act within it.this is work in progress.Hackney Marshes

Hackney Marshes


  1. I love the marshes – good set of pics!

  2. Thanks for posting these Emily!

  3. @borzoj no problem, nice photos 🙂

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